In the April report, the second wave theory was based on what happened during the 1918 flu and 2009 H1N1 flu pandemics. Two other scenarios said that the first wave of the coronavirus could be followed by a cycle of smaller waves or that there could be a “slow burn” of ongoing cases. So far, none of the scenarios have played out as previously predicted..

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I tried several for free. Most have free trials and some have benefits that others don’t. You have to search out what is best for you and your applications. Muhammad Ali was a popular, though unlikely, recommendation since Ali was a devout Muslim who felt that his faith would prohibit full body statues being erected of him. As a result, his family would be unlikely to lend their approval to such an undertaking. There’s merit to the idea of expanding our public understanding of memorial beyond figurative sculpture, because while some argue that monuments serve a reminder of our past, the history our current public art landscape represents is incomplete at best..

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