It’s all coming to a head. It is very concerning, and we’ve got a lot of work to do.”As of July 26, the Police Department responded to 24 shooting incidents on Staten Island this year, according to the most recent data available.There had been 10 such incidents through the same time period in 2019, making 2020s shooting total an increase of 140%.Citywide, shootings are up nearly 73% through July 26, according to the NYPD’s CompStat figures.The gunplay on Staten Island took a deadly turn on July 22.Within the span of 10 hours, two men were slain.The NYPD investigates the murder of Barry Moultrie, wholesale jerseys 35, on Castleton Avenue and Barker Street in West Brighton on Wednesday, July 22, 2020. Later that evening Kaseem Scott, 25, died after being shot inside a deli on Richmond Terrace in Mariners Harbor.Four days later, during the early morning of Sunday, July 26, Grashino Yancy, a 32 year old former Daily News Golden Gloves competitor, was fatally shot once in the leg while he was attending a neighborhood barbecue in Clifton.Moultrie and Scott are thought to have been targeted by their killers over long standing disputes, said a source with knowledge of the investigation.Their slayings are not believed to be related, sources said.The violence didn’t end there.And, a 25 year old man was shot in the groin area outside a residence on Wayne Street in West Brighton around midnight on Sunday into Monday, an NYPD spokeswoman said.”This is a spike no one wants to see,” McMahon said.

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