Comello family and friends simply cannot believe what they have been told, Gottlieb said. Is something very wrong here and we will get to the truth about what happened as quickly as possible. Statement did not address the writing on Comello hand, and a lawyer from Gottlieb firm declined to comment further Monday evening..

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Waugh, who oversees five schools in northwestern England, already has painted yellow arrows to ensure that children follow a one way path around the building when they return next month from an extended break due to the coronavirus pandemic.Soft furniture and play equipment have been cordoned off, and desks have been spread apart. Waugh has stocked up on 7,500 face masks, hundreds of pairs of gloves, hand sanitizer and other supplies.”The government says we don’t need them, but I certainly couldn’t have risked not having them,” he told The. “It’s the unknown, the utter unknown.

Spring Gulch Campground Currently closed due to spring flooding on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. Contact the Ranger District for latest conditions and reopening updates. Indian Trees Campground Opening May 22 with 15 campsites, water, garbage, and accessible toilet.

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