Article content continuedWell that didn’t happen. Instead the left shot winger opted to return home for his 19 year old season, playing 31 games for Pardubice in the Czech Extraliga and posting modest offensive totals of 4 1 5. He also represented his country at the World Juniors, scoring once in 5 games..

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LeMon said he wants what he describes as a “mountain” of evidence in the case. He said he wants to know, among other things, whether the officials involved in the play were disciplined for not throwing a flag. “I want their personnel files. It something we talked about but haven got it right yet. If you look at the stats, we within a score at most half times whether that slightly in front, or slightly behind. Then the next 20 minutes get away from us and we chasing the game.

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Runners up: Planet Fitness, Monkey Bar.Best Zumba Class Winner: Broadway YMCA. Runners up: YMCA South Shore Center, Mind Body Soul Studio.Best Spa Winner: Relax on Cloud 9. Bennett.Best Personal Trainer Winner: Mike Marchese. The heart of this costume is in the navy, uniform style jacket. Navy formal wear from this time features a gold ribbon trim and mildly ornate gold buttons on the front. Beneath the formal coat should lie a crisp, clean and pressed white shirt with a navy tie that perfectly matches the shade of the suit jacket.

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