Those milestones in life are all starting to arrive, more quickly than I ever thought possible. But with age comes wisdom, as well as changes in likes and dislikes, and with that wisdom I am starting to appreciate some of the other things that come along with summertime. I really like going to work in the daylight and leaving work in the daylight, something I took for granted during my vampire like 20s..

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Nature would not have it any other way. To prove my point, if it is only acting, I challenge those who appear in love scenes to do so with their sister/brother, better yet, with their mother or father. How many do you think would endeavor to cross that line? I am thinking none, because they know it would not be right.

Brandon Stark managed to pass beyond the Wall, and is going towards mysterious Three eyed crow from his dreams. As he and his companions are fighting to escape wraiths undead beings which serve The Others, and are going further and further North, they slowly are succumbing to desperation in endless sea of snow. But at the last moment they discover a cave in which wraiths can not enter.

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