2019WR Rankings Tiers: Who are the best fantasy wide receivers?Unlike with the QB tiers, there’s something sort of comforting about the top eight wide receivers who make up ourTier 1. While of course they won’t all put up the exact same amount of points, you really can’t go wrong drafting any of these guys in the first two rounds of your 2019 fantasy football drafts. Yes, you won’t be agreeing with that when you inevitably draft the onewho underperforms or gets hurt, but that will be bad luck more than anything else..

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Canada Goose online “I think that in dealing with any player, you have to be honest with them,” Boudreau said. “I find getting to know your players is so important. It’s my job to get each one of them to play their best. “You can say anything you want to me,” Osuna said. “None of what you say will hurt me because I know what happened. But don’t talk about my mom Canada Goose online.

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