On average, as a state’s racial composition gets whiter, its electoral power increases. For instance, in 2016, North Dakota was the seventh whitest state and 47th on the list in terms of adult population. It had more than 5.2 electoral votes per million adult residents, when an average state had just 2.2 electoral votes per million adult residents.

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Capitol on July 27. Late Rep. Capitol on July 27. Both the home and away uniforms also include a trademarked pattern that represents the mottled coat of the African wild dog. The distinct coat of the wild dogs is where the species gets its Painted Dog moniker. In the wild, the body markings and coat are unique to each dog, with most having a black muzzle with a black line running up the forehead..

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For the Capitals, Wednesday’s game provided a brief scare, with defenseman John Carlson leaving the game midway through the third period after his legs got caught underneath him and he hit the boards. Despite skating off on his own, he still went down the tunnel with trainer Jason Serbus. Coach Todd Reirden said Carlson was to be evaluated later Wednesday night and Thursday morning..

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wholesale jerseys from china His son has dealt with kidney cancer since 2015, when he was an infant. And Solder’s family just welcomed a baby boy in the spring.Three major red flags during a pandemic, for a guy thinking about participating in a close contact sport and playing a position like offensive tackle, no less.Of all the NFL players who opted out this week, it’s hard to imagine anybody with a more concerning situation than Solder’s.But for as tough as this choice was, Solder is providing the sports world with a valuable lesson about what really matters, even as the NFL forges ahead with its non bubble season.For a moment, then, can we step back from the handwringing about training camp logistics and no fans in stadiums, and remember the human side of a pandemic that has now killed about 150,000 people in the United States alone?Just forget, if you can, that you really want football to return so you’ll have something to watch on weekends this autumn. And recognize that players who are putting themselves out there especially massive linemen, like Solder are taking a significant risk, one that involves not just them, but their families.And yes, there is still risk involved, even as the NFL has installed many precautions to keep players safe all so the league can play on and churn out the dollars and give you your Sundays back wholesale jerseys from china.

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