Set WeatherYankees outfielder Mike Tauchman struggled handling here and there at bats during his call ups with the Colorado Rockies for a couple of seasons, then again for the first few months of last year when he was new to the Bombers. A demotion to the minors, a return to the big leagues and then a coming out party second half showed everyone that Tauchman can hit big league pitching consistently, but the start of 2020 has been a return to a spot duty role.So far, Tauchman is excelling in his opportunities, and wholesale nfl jerseys Wednesday night he came up with a tie breaking, seventh inning double that keyed a 3 1 Yankees victory in Game 2 over the Phillies and a doubleheader split at Citizens Bank Park.Here’s how manager Aaron Boone summed up Tauchman working the count to 3 1 facing Phils reliever Tommy Hunter, taking a second strike, fouling off a pitch and then lining a gapper to right center field to bring home the go ahead run:”Really, really, really good.”Tauchman, 29, came up big in part because he’s now preparing for his chances mentally as much as he does physically.”You never know when your number is going to be called,” said Tauchman, who hit.277 with 13 homers and 47 RBI in 87 games last season. “With the group that we have, everybody’s expected to contribute, and everybody’s expected to be ready.

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