By the April round, recommendations and approvals had careened into a mad inverse relationship. Of the 228 projects approved by the minister in this round, 167 had not been recommended.In the audit report, they seem to be implying that they were trying to control and limit pork barrelling. It’s a confusing idea, but fits with the confusion that seems to have settled like a smoke haze over the modern democratic understanding of process and probity.McKenzie’s then chief of staff told the Audit Office, “We were sensitive to the accusations of pork barrelling so we were very conscious of projects for the Nationals, as the National Party Deputy Leader, for Victoria as Senator for Victoria or with Independents as her Electorate Office was in Indi so we made sure that we were not over represented in these areas”.Or, in other words, we massaged grants according to who held the seat.McKenzie, a former teacher who is now the Nationals’ deputy leader, was bald faced and misleading in her justifications on Thursday..

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canada goose clearance Joe Moody, 2. Dane Coles, 3. Owen Franks, 4. Floyd’s death has sparked calls, particularly from progressives, for Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar to withdraw from consideration for vice president because of her prosecutorial record. She did not directly answer questions from New York magazine on whether that criticism was fair or if she had answers to it, instead saying, “I am now going to go and meet with people about what’s happening in my city but I gave you an answer, and that’s that Joe Biden is gonna make the best decision for the country.”Earlier Friday morning, President Trump drew even more controversy when he appeared to advocate shooting looters in Minnesota.”These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen canada goose clearance.

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