In cross country, Chambers was a Division 2 state qualifier as a freshman, recording a PR of 20:17.0 at the region championships. In basketball, she was the team captain as a senior and was often the leading scorer each night. She was also named an MHSAA Class A Scholar Athlete Award recipient as a senior..

The odds of that happening are very small, unless you happen to catch millions of lobsters. Only one in every 2 million lobsters is blue, although yellow ones are even rarer (one in 30 million). However, lobsters have been inexplicably plentiful for the last several seasons, spurring the Washington Post to consider them sustainable.

Even in this day and age, movie stars are spotted all the time, even though they still try and hide their features behind their ‘designer’ frames. After all, at some point, in one movie or another, we have seen them ‘in disguise’, wearing dark sunglasses, and are able to recognize them on the screen. I’m sure a vigilant observer could easily spot them out and about in a grocery store, hiding behind their dark glasses and reading the latest volume of People Magazine while standing in a check out line..

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