Marylou Sudders, the state’s health and human services secretary, has said they were impounded by the federal government on March 18.Baker said on a day to day basis he has never known whether deliveries of equipment were ever going to come through, which has been frustrating given the undeniable need for supplies.”There’s an undeniable fact in all of this,” Baker said. “Which is that medical personnel, first responders, and emergency management personnel are not just putting themselves in harm’s way with the amount of close contact that they have with potential COVID cases every day, but they know that they are also putting their family members in harm’s way because they are putting themselves in harm’s way.”The fear of everyone working on the front lines, he said, is not for themselves, but of infecting their loved ones.”Their greatest fear is about infecting a family member a grandmother, a father, a neighbor, a child,” Baker said. “That’s who they talk about.

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