The Cardinals gave Drake a longer run as a starting running back than Miami did. He started 16 times in 54 games with the Dolphins. After four NFL seasons, Drake has 2,175 yards and 17 touchdowns on 456 rushing attempts and 144 receptions for 1,107 yards and six touchdowns in 62 games..

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The only thing people remember about Mark Gastineau today is all the other stuff. From his relationship with Brigitte Nielsen to his sack dance, Gastineau put a lot of attention on himself rather than his play. That and his late hit on Bernie Kosar in the 1986 AFC Divisional Playoffs ultimately cost the Jets the game..

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In most cases, the treatment is rest, combined with an anti inflammatory drug, ice, and a strengthening program. This allows most athletes to fully recover and return to their sports. If this fails and surgery is necessary, as in Smith’s case, the hiatus is closed surgically and then the patient can again rest the area, use the anti inflammatory drugs, ice, and the strengthening program.

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