April 1, 2024

Call for proposal for a concultant to develop membership management software

Call for proposal for a concultant to develop membership management software

CESTRAR (Rwanda Workers’ Trade Union Confederation) is the most influential National Centre in Rwanda with 17 affiliated Rwandan Trade Unions, with a progressive membership of more than 300,000 workers in different working sectors across the country.

By its own nature and constitution, CESTRAR is an inclusive and non-political organization that only represents and organizes members according to their professions and believes that they should be given the same rights and opportunities regardless of political affiliation, gender, age, disability, religion, etc.

CESTRAR is governed by the National Trade Union Congress, the National Trade Union Council and the National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee is responsible of the implementation of the decisions taken by the Congress and the General Trade Union Council as well as the representation of CESTRAR at all levels.

CESTRAR main objectives:

1.1. Improving socio-economic conditions of workers in Rwanda.

1.2 Promoting solidarity among workers and involving them in trade union activities. 


CESTRAR, as a professional organization of workers, fights for social justice and an equitable redistribution of the national wealth without discrimination. 


Our mission is to strengthen unions and provide a unified voice for all workers. We are committed to defending human and trade union rights, creating a healthy and safe working environment, fighting against exploitation and discrimination, promoting decent work and social protection for all.


Solidarity:  Workers and trade unionists in particular should work in solidarity and be able to constitute a strong force to achieve vision and mission of CESTRAR.

Commitment:  unionists must be committed and engaged to the mission, vision, values, culture and principles of CESTRAR.

Loyalty: Unionist must remain faithful to their commitments, rules, and regulations of CESTRAR

Transparency: CESTRAR and affiliated unions are accountable to their members 



CESTRAR and its affiliates play a vital role in representing and protecting the rights and interests of workers across various Sectors. As membership-driven organization, CESTRAR relys heavily on the ability to effectively manage and engage with its members.

However, as it grows, its activities including, awareness campaigns, recruitments, capacity building workshops, seminars and other CESTRAR’s activities, as well as membership base, expand and the task of maintaining accurate and up-to-date  information, tracking membership , and facilitating communication can become increasingly complex and challenging when done manually or through outdated systems.

In this context, a comprehensive membership database software becomes an essential tool for CESTRAR and its affiliates to streamline their operations and enhance their service delivery to members. Such a software solution will provide a centralized repository for storing and managing member data, including personal information, capacity building activities records, and membership status.

The Membership Management platform enables CESTRAR and its affililates to have access to accurate and reliable information about their members, enabling them to make informed decisions and effectively represent their interests.


The membership management platform development has the following objectives:

  • Create Cestrar online platform with a centralized database for unions and members identification including professional details, gender, memberships Status for CESTRAR and its affiliated unions


  • Facilitate online membership’ registration into different affiliated unions


  • DATA analysis and reporting: the platform should generate different membership reports including membership details, members’ demography, member’s participation record in various capacity building workshops, seminars, campaigns and other CESTRAR’s activities,


  • The platform sould provide a friendly user online communication




-Design, document and develop functionalities for CESTRAR ‘s unions and membership management online platform

-Design and implement platform solutions that adhere to current architecture standards in order to support the systems and services used by the organisation;

-Work closely with CESTRAR and its affiliates to determine the collection, storage and manipulation of all the data that are part of this assignment

– Ensure trainings for users after deploying the platform

– The firm shall include a list of any additional software, recommend minimum requirements for the hosting environment, or support local web hosting service providers required for successful deployment to include them in the procurement process.


For more technical clarifications and details, Please submit your request on this email ONLYcestrartender@gmail.com



The assignment is scheduled to take a maximum duration of 8 weeks equal to seventy five (75) calendar days, commencing from the date of signing of the contract.


The Expression of Interest should contain the following:

  • Technical Proposal:
  • A cover letter expressing your interest in this assignment
  • Technical proposal with a brief description of why you would be considered as the most suitable for the assignment, relevant expertise, and a detailed, clear methodology, your approach to complete the assignment
  • Complete notified CVs of the Team
  • Company registration certificate (RDB)
  • VAT-Registration certificate
  • Latest tax clearance certificate
  • Proof of successful completion of related assignments.
    • Financial Proposal: indicates the all-inclusive rate, supported by a breakdown of all costs. The costs must be in RWF and VAT inclusive.

Please submit electronically your proposal (technical & financial offer) in two separated emails and should be in PDF files to this email ONLYcestrartender@gmail.com  until latest 16th April 2024 at 00h00.

Done at Kigali, on 28/03/2024


General Secretary

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