Baking Soda is excellent to use. Mix equal parts of water and baking soda until it forms a paste and then just simply apply that paste onto each pimple. Do not cover your whole face with this paste. The fact that you can get the actual imprint of the child’s foot as she was at birth is what makes this design to have such a sentimental regard for parents. Modern hospitals recognize the value that some young parents place on such out of the ordinary memorabilia. They will thus readily concede to your demand for an ink reprint that you can use as a basis for a baby footprint tattoo design much later..

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So know this, there are other options besides risky operations, options other than “Learning to live with pearly penile papules.” You can learn what to do to treat yourself in the privacy of your own home. The home remedies do work. Just think, after they are all gone, you’ll want to show your “best friend” off to anybody who will look: “Look, ain’t he pretty?”.

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