What does it mean to be born digital? Maybe it is a question you never considered before. To be born digital means to be a part of the haves and to have the ability to actively engage in technology that will continue to shape the very future of human civilization. Those of you who are reading this blog are a part of the Generation, the generation whose lives were profoundly shaped by technology and continue to be shaped by technology.

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Very, very true! Someone would devise a way to kill a large number of people if they had to burn the building down! Evil and mentally ill and other psychological problems are main streamed in our schools. Those who are affected with illnesses and on medications do not always take the meds or they “self medicate” and it does little or no good for them. Schools had a decent idea about main streaming those with disabilities, but, they failed to look at the end results when those little kids grew up and went into high school and in some cases, middle school.

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