(NTA) may announce the postponement of this year JEE Main and NEET examinations. However, this decision by the NTA relies on the petition filed against the CBSE Board examinations in July in the Supreme Court. This means that today is not only a big day for the students of CBSE board but also for students preparing for the JEE Main and NEET exams..

Canada Goose Parka Nathan Brown. Interchange: 14. Ray Stone, 15. MORE CANBERRA SPORT “But we still got to work through some issues with the ACT government. I think we moving in the right direction, so it very positive.” Junior soccer and Australian football teams have also been telling parents and players about plans to restart training now coronavirus protocols have been submitted to the ACT government. Outdoor groups can train in groups of 20 if approved by their individual codes, while indoor sports are also making a return with indoor cricket relaunched at Weston Creek this week. Canada Goose Parka

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