This case of needing to be quick in executing options signals may not be as critical with some option trading systems. Spreads, selling calls/puts, condors, butterflies, etc. Are not so time sensitive. Bakshi: Now we hear politicians across the political spectrum sounding the alarm about America’s national debt. To what extent does America’s low savings rate at the household level contribute to the problem of America’s national debt? Are they separate phenomena or are they related?Sheldon Garon: They tend to be fairly separate. You can go country to country and find all sorts of different combinations.

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Mason Rudolph, PIT, at San Francisco: Consider this a stamp of approval on Rudolph’s ability to hold up as an NFL quarterback. The future could get very interesting in Pittsburgh if Rudolph is as poised and productive as he looks like he will be for the remainder of the season. The Steelers have a deep sense of belief that they found the successor to Big Ben in Rudolph, and the silver lining to Roethlisberger’s elbow injury is they now get to find out.

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