If your editor says, yes, we’d be interested in seeing your article, send in a neatly typed final draft of your article. If you are submitting it via snail mail, remember to enclose a self stamped, self addressed envelope for your editor’s reply. In the meantime, write another article.

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Most companies all over the world are imposing the same policy about their smoking employees in the workplace. Some are even refusing to hire smokers just for them to avoid all the hassle that smoking offers. But in using electronic cigarette, it may change everything.

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The 1,691 study participants were then divided into three groups according to how well they adhered to such a diet over the past year. Over the next four years, 211 of them were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Results showed that those in the top third were 38% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s four years later than those in the lowest third..

Public engagement is a spectrum of different things that starts with informing the public about a specific policy, he explained. Occurs when the public is provided with enough information about a decision that gives them the opportunity to wrestle a number of policy options. Full direct participation is what happens when the public is not only consulted on options but also asked to participate on an issue..

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