But the surge in infections, hospitalizations and deaths tells a different story. And it suggests that the president is increasingly out of step with the federal government’s own medical and public health experts. Death toll, which now stands at 155,000, is expected to accelerate.

Set WeatherPolice spokesman Sgt.Illegal dirt bikes in the city have been a focus of police since the spring, Malinowski said. The motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles, have become a common source of complaints being ridden in city parks, on city streets and racing through lawns.There was no estimate of damage costs yet, said Syracuse Parks Commissioner Julie LaFave. The damage was done on four greens at holes 3, 4, 6 and 7, she said.Dirt bike damage to one of the greens at Burnet Park golf course.

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(CNN) Usted ha visto la pelcula. Una astrnoma agotada sentada en una sala de controles repleta de dispositivos electrnicos complejos, a la vez que sostiene, medio dormida, un audfono en su oreja. Oye un crujido, luego otro y otro, hasta que escucha el sonido inconfundible de una transmisin de radio.

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